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At Body Plan Fitness technique is at the top of the list. We won’t push you through exercises your body can’t handle but instead get you stronger and more flexible so you are able to do each exercise true to form. Our ethos is to train smarter, not harder and we promise to help you see and feel excellent results in a super supportive and friendly environment.

Success Stories

Testimonial Picture of Bobbie Mach (1)
Testimonial Picture of Bobbie Mach (2)
“The atmosphere in the classes is amazing”

As a competitive cyclist my muscle distribution tends to get very uneven with my legs being much stronger than the rest of me. I have seen a huge improvement in my muscle distribution AND my form lifting weights has been dramatically improved as well!! Extra bonus my back and shoulder pain is completely gone! The atmosphere in the classes is amazing…total support from fellow participants and great encouragement and coaching from Mark!!

Thank you Body Plan Fitness and Sally Fulcher for getting my diet and weight lifting in order once and for all….12 week results. Excited to see what the next 12 weeks will yield!!

Bobbie Mach
Testimonial Picture of Robin (1)
Testimonial Picture of Robin (2)
“Robin lost 10 Inches and 10 Kilo’s”

When I joined the 12 week Body Plan I weighed 106.5 kg and was horribly out of shape, following recovery from heart failure. I am now 10 kg lighter and significantly fitter and more supple. I should point out that I thought I hated gyms, but this gym has no machines, no rows of people with headphones all sweating in unison, no Sky News on the screen!.

Sessions vary from one on one to a maximum of six people and the trainers spend quality time with you, taking a real interest in how you’re progressing. People chat. We choose what we want to listen to on the Sonos. Three times a week, and I’ve barely missed a session. The diet is good, and if you stick to it you will shed weight. And regular sessions with the nutritionist help you to stay on course. Brilliant. Highly recommended.

Testimonial Picture of Jill Collins (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jill Collins (2)
“ Jill lost 14.25 inches and 3.8kg ”

I decided to join Body Fit Plan after seeing my neighbour and thinking  “wow she looks amazing”. She’d done the 12 week Body Plan and having tried the gym, calorie counting, weight watchers and boot camp (non of which I was successful at) I decided I’d sort of got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

At the end of the first session Mark asked how I felt and I responded with “exhausted and embarrassed” which just about summed it up. But I thought I had to start somewhere and Mark assured me I’d see improvements very quickly which I did. I’ve been measured today at week 12 and I’ve lost 14 1/2 inches and I’ve never felt healthier.

The Body Plan trainers make sure you exercise correctly which is something you never get in a gym! The food plan is really nice with great recipes and I’ve attended the nutritional seminars which are very informative.

You don’t get the arse you want by sitting on it!

Jill Collins
Testimonial Picture of Sophie Taylor (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sophie Taylor (2)
“I'm coming back for more!!”

Thanks to the 12 Week Body Plan i lost 19.4 inches and 10 kilos in 12 weeks! I’ve tried lots of weight loss programmes and my past gains have been short-term. Ican honestly say i feel great and feel like i’ve made a really big change all of which has been a great experience…I’m coming back for more!!

Sophie Taylor


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